Some FULL HOUSE Fan Fiction

Full House fan fiction

• “They’re gonna move me again,” Joey Gladstone thought. “Becky’s moving in and I’m gonna be tossed around again.” He counted off on his fingers, “Under the stairs, the garage, the basement, now where? The doghouse?” Lifting the bowl of post-Fruity Pebbles sugar milk to his lips, Joey sighed his silent maxim, “I hate this place.”

• Uncle Jesse scans the rack of guitar tab books, failing to recognize any of the titles. “Black Album.” “Nevermind.” “Blood Sugar Sex Magik.” An ingenue behind the counter says “Hey, can I help you?”

“Yeah…do you have any tab books for, like, Elvis? Or that Isley Brothers song ‘Shout’?”

Smiling, “The what brothers?”

Alarmed by the girl’s ignorance, Jesse silently exits the store and steps into the San Francisco heat. Slicking back his hair, he sighs to no one, “I just wasn’t made for these times.”

• After she learned to walk, Michelle Tanner was left to her own devices. She meanders around the house doing nothing, digging holes in the yard.

• Danny Tanner’s sobs echoed off the tile floor. After an hour of scrubbing – paper towels, sponge, and now, scouring pad – the ice cream stain on his white Oxford showed no signs of surrender. Michelle, displaying her tireless powers of snitchcraft, was so eager to tell him about Stephanie’s laced cigarettes that she spilled her bowl of rocky road ice cream.

The stain continued to mock him. The stain had always been there. His own Chocolate Letter.

Michelle’s cheeks sagged under blemishes of shame, “Sorry, daddy.”

Danny looked at her, through her. “You were a mistake.”

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