Month: February 2015

REVIEW: Digging Up the Marrow


Since coming on the scene with Hatchet in 2006, filmmaker Adam Green has developed a devoted following among horror fans. Through his films and the horror sitcom Holliston that he front runs, it’s easy to tell Green is a hardcore horror fan himself, with a deep knowledge and passion for the genre. This clearly shines through in his new film Digging Up the Marrow, his first feature in five years. The premise and set-up for the film are awesome, but amidst all the kick ass monsters and mayhem, what Digging Up the Marrow ultimately boils down to is Adam Green: The Movie.

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Short Story ‘Black Out’ on Shotgun Honey


Hey ya’ll. My short story “Black Out” has been published on the mighty flash fiction site Shotgun Honey. Dig it, bruddas and sistas.

They made me publish an author photo with it. Having my picture taken is painful for me. I hate my own mug. Much respect to my wife for capturing how I feel about photographs.

Ricky Bates Interview


Excision director Richard Bates Jr.’s new film Suburban Gothic opened up on VOD platforms today courtesy of FilmBuff. We saw the film back during last year’s Fantasia Festival (review) and it really is something special. A love letter mash-up of Scooby Doo and Are You Afraid of the Dark, the film is about Raymond (Matthew Gray Gubler), a college grad who moves back in with his parents and begins experiencing paranormal activity. With the help of a badass bartended named Becca (Kat Dennings), Raymond tracks down the mystery of the vengeful spirit that’s terrorizing his small suburban town. It’s a fairly straightforward plot with a lot of surprises up its sleeves.

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