Month: October 2015

2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival Recap


While Austin may be the high-falootin’ epicenter of the genre film festival universe here in the States, Colorado is nipping at its heels something fierce with two wholly unique fests of its own. With its immersive festival experience and haunted backdrop, the Stanley Film Festival in early summer has quickly become some kind of monster. Two hours south, just outside of Denver’s cloud of weed smoke, is the mighty Mile High Horror Film Festival in Littleton. Now in its sixth year, Mile High is like a horror film fest/convention hybrid – combining a strong lineup of new films from around the world, a ridiculous series of classic screenings, a stable of special guests, sideshow performers, panels, vendors, music showcases, and more. That Enigma jigsaw tattoo guy from The X-Files seems to be creeping around every corner too. Last year I was convinced he was stalking me. I swear I saw him outside my hotel window at 2am. And I was on the fifth floor. Dammit, Enigma. (more…)

They Look Like People Review


We’ve all gotten weird phone calls from unknown numbers at some point. Lines get crossed. Kids prank. People with sausage fingers press four keys at once, whatever. I once got one from a woman saying she wanted her leather pants back. We’re married now but usually these dumb calls are forgotten about by the next day. Not so for Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews). The calls he’s getting on his busted cellphone aren’t something easily shrugged off. Registering on the no-call list isn’t an option for this poor bastard.

The voice on the other end of the line is always different, but they tell Wyatt the same thing: everyone around you is a monster in disguise and only he can see their true form. They say there’s a war coming between these monsters and the remaining humans, leading to mankind’s extinction. The calls mostly come at night. Mostly.

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FARGO Season 2 Premiere Recap


I’m rabidly stoked to be covering the second season of Fargo for Check out my recap of last night’s busy season premiere, “Waiting for Dutch.”