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I haven’t updated in a while. Get off my back, I’m busy. Since I last dropped in, I attended the mighty Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, where I saw some rad films and got to rap with some greats. The crew at Mile High was beyond hospitable and I can’t tell ya how wicked it felt to wake up and see mountains outside my window. It went down at the Littleton Alamo Drafthouse, meaning the viewing/dining experience was top notch. I ate chicken sandwiches ALL DAY. I can’t wait for next year’s fest.

On the fiction front, I sold a short story to Thuglit, which will be in their winter issue come February or so. Been a fan of their rag for a while so I’m through the moon with adrenaline about that score.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of my recent reviews, interviews, and editorials.


Some Recent Reviews Posted Elsewhere


Hey. I’ve had a ton of reviews posted recently over at Bloody Disgusting, so I figured I’d collect them all here for anyone who’s interested in my film writing outside of the crime genre. There’s a bunch of horror cheapies, but some decent ones mixed into the bunch. I’ve also been covering the fifth season of Justified for Collider, so you can click here to check out my weekly discussions on that beautiful show. The finale airs tomorrow night and it is a doozie!


Stage Fright

The Hanover House

Camp Dread



Dead Kids

Alien Abduction

Happy Camp

13 Sins

House of Good and Evil

The Slumber Party Massacre


Dark House