short stories

The Man and the Fish Stickers

The man was standing in line at Ace Hardware when he spotted the “Assorted Fish Sticker Pack.” What sold him was the sticker of a great white shark. “Oh man…that’s going on the truck.” He stuck it on the back of his Dodge Ram, right beneath the logo. The rest of the stickers were shoved in the glovebox and forgotten about. Three weeks later the man exited the bar – four Jack and Cokes deep and feeling like the breeze. He reached in the glove box for his mints and pulled out the rest of the sticker pack. A rainbow trout. A catfish. A bass. Several more. A smile slowly formed on the man’s face. “Heh, why not.” — — The next morning, the man throws his toolbox in the truck and sees the collage of fish stickers sloppily placed all across the rear. “Goddammit.”

I was inspired to write this by a pickup truck I was driving behind that had fish stickers all over it. I tried to take a photo of it, but my cellphone was manufactured sometime around the signing of the Magna Carta, so unless I’m two inches from my target it looks like miserable.